Dan Flynn is fighting for our
conservative values

Defend our Gun Rights – Dan was named Legislator of the Year by the NRA/TSRA for his commitment to defending our Second Amendment freedoms. In order to improve security for those attending church Dan authored the bill that repealed the prohibition on carrying in places of worship.

Protect the Right To Life - A pro-life leader with a record of protecting the unborn, Dan is endorsed by the Texas Alliance for Life. He co-authored the Born Alive Act which requires doctors to provide life saving medical care to babies who survived an abortion attempt.

Secure Our Border – Dan Flynn stands with President Trump to build the wall and secure our border. He worked closely with Governor Greg Abbott to increase Texas law enforcement along the border to crack down on gangs and drug trafficking.

Lower Taxes – Dan Flynn believes families should keep more of what they earn. That’s why he has fought to cut taxes and helped passed landmark legislation to rein in skyrocketing property taxes.

The Rule of Law – When radical extremists demanded Texas judges apply Sharia Law in some cases, Dan Flynn authored a new law that prohibits Texas judges from recognizing this and other radical ideologies in our judicial system.

Ban Sanctuary Cities – When liberal city and county leaders attempt to harbor illegal immigrants who break the law, they make our state more dangerous for everyone. That’s why Dan Flynn has voted to ban sanctuary cities in Texas.

Stand with President Trump – Dan Flynn is an outspoken advocate for our President and supports his efforts to secure our border and stop the spread of socialism in America.

Backed by Governor Abbott – Calling him a “conservative leader who worked to rein in your property taxes, increase teacher pay, and improve education for Texas students” Governor Abbott endorsed Dan Flynn for re-election.